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Our Sixth Form students have had multiple opportunities to engage in enrichment and extra curriculum activities throughout their time in Sixth Form. Some of these opportunities include:

  1. SASS Champions’ pathway: we have eight SASS champions’ pathways, which cover some of the main areas such Medicine, Oxbridge, Computing, etc. In these pathways, we have specialist teachers providing lots of opportunities to develop specific skills and experiences required for strong university applications. We have had trips to Imperial College, QMUL, and other Russell group universities.
  2. SASS Personal Development Program (PDP): students have been voluntarily working for 40 hours to develop leadership, commitment and life skills through enrichment and extra-curricular activities. The strands are:
Activity Strand Examples
Working in the community  Local charities / Food/ clothing collection / Visiting nurseries & homes for the elderly / Work with St Dunstan’s Church – local mosque / Caring for the local environment
Promoting physical health and well-being Team sports / Yoga / Fitness / Healthy eating / Growing food 
Contributing to school life Student Ambassador / Open days and transition events / Mentoring younger pupils / Maintaining the school environment 
Participating in enrichment activities Duke of Edinburgh / Performing arts / After school clubs / Educational visits / School based projects / Turing Scheme Projects and visits

The PDP program helps to develop a strong university application as well as future employment prospects are significantly enhanced as it enables potential employers to see that our students have developed the necessary skills for the world of work.

  1. SASS futures: is a weekly enrichment programme specifically developed for the entire Yr12 cohort. It incorporates a range of activities. Online lectures from external speakers, which include university tutors, former students, inspiring leaders. The lectures will comprise of a mixture live and virtual sessions. Monthly independent enrichment visits to museums and other places of interest (physically/virtually) in order to develop culture awareness and well-being further.
  2. Careers program: we provide bespoke careers opportunities such as the Head-to-Head interviews sessions with industry experts. We have provided numerous apprenticeship opportunities alongside our assisting students to develop CV, personal statement and networking skills.

Students at Stepney All Saints Sixth Form who follow the above programmes are in the best position to submit a strong UCAS/Apprenticeship application.

Please read the UCAS – Parents Information Booklet and watch the two pre-recorded talks listed below:

– Talk 1: The UCAS Process Basic FAQs 

– Talk 2: Apprenticeships and other routes with discussion on the Unifrog tools on UCAS by Fayaz Uddin (SASS Careers Manager)

Please click on the links below for subject specific UCAS support.

Accounting and Finance

Biomedical Sciences

Business Management

Computer Science









Primary Education 


Social Work

For any further information:
UCAS questions please contact Miss Yvanan Kwanda & Miss Tamanna Begum on: /
and Careers advice Mr Fayaz Uddin on: