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Media Studies

Qualifications to start the course

Minimum entry requirements for all A Level courses are minimum of 8 GCSE subjects, with an average grade of 6 (legacy grade B) or above; including at least a grade 6 or above in GCSE English Language (or Literature) and GCSE mathematics and a grade 6 or above in GCSE Science.

In addition, to study this subject you must have a grade 6 or above in GCSE English Language.

Description of the subject

The Eduqas course includes the in-depth critical study of a wide range of media and products, institutions and audiences. In our diverse curriculum we look at advertising, music videos, newspaper, video games, radio, television and online.
What you will do
Students will analyse a range of media texts, apply their knowledge of theory and evaluate a range of ideas, which will help to unlock the current media landscape. They also plan and produce their own media texts.  Assessment takes place through a combination of practical work, assignments and examinations. Students will visit the BFI Southbank and experience a range of in-school talks from expert speakers.
Future Prospects

Media Studies develops the critical and analytical skills required for further academic study in all arts-based subjects and provides the grounding in practical skills expected in the workplace.  On completion of their A Level, students will be skilled writers and will have developed strong communication skills.

Media is a good course to link up with English, History, Economics, Sociology, Psychology and Business.