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Dear Families

As both GCSE and GCE results days have now passed, I write to you now with some information which I have been asked to communicate to you by the Government and also to give you some detail about how we as a centre are preparing for results, appeals, and sitting exams in the Autumn term.

Below are a number of links.

The first is a link to a communication from Ofqual explain again the process they have followed in order to award grades and also explaining the process for appeals. This correspondence can be found here.

I am very conscious how difficult it has been during lockdown and the resultant closure of our school. I want to reassure you that the processes we have followed have been rigorous and fair and in line with guidance issued by the Government. As I have previously outlined we find ourselves in unprecedented times and this is the first time schools have ever had to engage in such a final grade process.

Following guidance issued by the Government, we used a range of evidence to make our judgements, including non-exam assessments, results of homework assignments or mock exams and any other records of student performance over the course of study.

As with all schools, we ensured that a centre assessment grade was sent for students in each of their subjects. In addition, again, following strict guidelines, we sent a rank order of students in each subject. Exam boards standardised this information, making adjustments to grades where needed, to bring consistency to teacher judgements across all schools and colleges, and to make sure results are comparable with previous years.

The following guide is very extensive and I recommend that you read through it.

Centre assessment grades and rank orders
The School has submitted provisional (centre assessment) grades and rank orders to the relevant awarding body in accordance with the Ofqual guidance on Awarding qualifications in summer 2020, and in line with the awarding body instructions.

Awarding bodies have now engaged in a standardisation process. Ofqual has explained that this process is to ensure standards are consistent across all centres. We have been advised that the rank order of candidates will not be changed but the final grades candidates receive may be different to the centre assessment grade.

A student guide to post-16 qualifications results can be found here

This includes how the final grades were reached and the appeals process.


As aforementioned, we have followed closely Ofqual’s and the awarding bodies’ guidelines in submitting final grades. However, appeals can be made with reference to published guidelines, if the school deems there are grounds to do so.  Information provided by Ofqual to determine the grounds on which an appeal can be made on behalf of a candidate, or candidates can be found below:

Student guide to appeals, malpractice & maladministration complaints – Summer 2020:

Key points;



Summary guidance on appeals, malpractice and maladministration complaints for GCSE and A Levels:



If you are concerned that the school assessment grade(s), or your rank order position(s), was/were wrong; you may make an appeal. As outlined in the Ofqual guidance above, your grounds for appeal are only because you believe the judgement was influenced by factors other than evidence about your academic performance or influenced by bias or discrimination.

This should be raised through the school’s complaint policy via an email to addressed to the Exams Officer.

If you feel your complaint has not been addressed you can then consider raising your concerns about malpractice of maladministration directly with the exam board.


Step by step process for students: 


Concerns about your results

Ofqual have provided information for students that sets out how their grades were calculated this year and the options available if they believe their result was not properly produced, including access to appeal. The National Careers Service Exam Results Helpline ( offers advice each year for students who have not received the results they had hoped for. Ofqual will also make a helpline available to students and their parents or carers to talk about the appeals process and any other questions they may have about their results this summer.

How can we support you further?


The sixth form team will be on site on results day to help those who would like support with their UCAS applications. Due to current restrictions around access to the school site, support will be arranged via appointments only. If you email with ‘UCAS’ and your name in the subject field, we will contact you via telephone. If we can support you over the phone, we will. Alternatively, we will provide you with a time that you can come in and get the support you may need.

Apprenticeships and further training

If you have not applied to university or are wishing to purpose further training and education that is not university based, Mr Uddin will be on site on results day to offer support. Like above, the support will be by appointment only. Please email with ‘careers’ and your name in the subject field and someone will contact you initially via telephone.



Students who wish to be entered for an autumn exam must submit a request by Sunday 30th August 2020. The form can be accessed by logging in to your Google Classroom and following the link.

A Level written exams will take place between 5th October to 23rd October 2020.

The final timetable will be published here from September 7th 2020 so please check again then.



Students who wish to be entered for an autumn exam must submit a request by Friday 11th September 2020. The form can be accessed by logging in to your Google Classroom and following the link.

GCSE written exams will take place between 2nd November to 23rd November 2020.

The final timetable will be published here in early October 2020 please continue to check this page for regular updates.