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Head of Department: Ms Austin-Burdett

Textiles Lead: Mr James Lynch

Key Stage 3

Year 7:


London Landmarks Panel Piece

Students will explore a range of London Landmarks and draw these, then explore how to arrange them in inserting compositions for a textiles panel piece. Students will work to a brief that explains the panel design is intended to be used as part of a museum tapestry celebrating London landmarks. Students will refine their ideas by exploring the design process and examining a range of artists. They will develop their textiles skills though the exploration of a range of embroidery techniques and applique to complete a final embellished piece that will contribute to a larger tapestry for display.  Students will cover a number of skills including drawing; collage; fabric painting and embroidery stitch work, including applique.

Year 8:

Poisonous Patterns Wall Hanging

An exploration of repeated patterns and textile designs relating to artists inspiration from the microscopic natural world. The students will analyse the work of a range of artists and textile designers. They will learn the process of creating an abstract repeated pattern based on their visual responses to microscopic and natural forms. Students will work on their design, drawing and fabric painting skills. They will also study how repeated patterns are used on products in the industrial, manufacturing and the world of fashion. They will create a pattern and apply this to a pattern-based product.

Year 9:

Ideas and Issues Cushion Design

Students will create a cushion design based on their visual and contextual research of current issues and ideas related to them and the world we live in. The design will inspired by research of various contemporary, and traditional, Pop Artists. They will be encouraged to engage in independent study centred on a current issue of their own choice. Students will improve their design making skills while learning new embroidery techniques effectively communicating visual information about their chosen theme. They will look at a diverse range of contemporary designers and artists to inspire their work. This will prepare students for the skills needed to perform well if they decide to do Art or DT at GCSE level.  

Independent Learning Resources

Key Stage 3