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Students must, at all times behave sensibly, courteously and with consideration for others, both in and out of school, following the ‘All Saints Way


Students must be regular and punctual in attendance at school as follows:

8.40am – Morning Registration


Students arriving to registration after 8.40am are deemed as late. Students arriving late in the morning must sign in at reception. When a student is late to school they will be put in the late detention for 1 hour and parents will be contacted.


All students must wear full and correct uniform – the uniform list can be found here. Each article of clothing should be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

Students cannot wear a jumper or coat instead of their blazer.

On the days that students have PE, they are able to attend school in their correct Stepney All Saints tracksuit with their blazer on top (instead of their school uniform), alternatively students can arrive in their full school uniform and change into PE kit in the changing rooms.


Students must move quietly about the corridors and staircases at all times, keeping to the right hand side. They may not run along corridors or staircases.


Students should not spend longer than necessary in the toilets. It is forbidden for more than one person to be in a cubicle at any one time. Students should use the toilets at break and lunchtime, reducing lesson time use to a minimum. If a student must leave a lesson to go to the toilet a note will be given.


Students may not be in a form room during the morning or lunch break unless a member of staff is present and has requested them to be there.

Only Year 12 and 13 students are allowed to leave the premises at break and lunch time.

It is a requirement that all Year 12 and 13 tap out and in of the school using the electronic system.


When a student has been ill a note must be brought in and handed to the form tutor.  Alternatively parents/carers may call the school on the day of absence. A student leaving school to attend a medical appointment or for any other reason should ring home from reception before leaving the premises. If a child is marked absent the school uses the automated phone service provided by Truancy Call to notify parents.


In non-emergency cases students may only use the medical room if referred by Head of Year, a member of SLT or a First Aider.


Lost property may be claimed from the main administration office at the end of the school day. Property found must be handed to a member of staff.  The school accepts no responsibility for the loss of any article. Money and other articles of value which have to be brought to school should be kept on the student or given to a teacher to look after.

At the end of the school year, any uncollected items in the lost property are donated to a local charity.


All damage to school property must be reported at once to a member of staff. Willful damage may be charged to the student responsible.


Students using public transport or moving about the streets should behave in such a way as to bring credit to the school. If a student behaves outside of school in a way that is likely to damage the reputation of Stepney All Saints school he/she will be subject to the school’s disciplinary procedures.


Form rooms and playgrounds must be kept tidy at all times. All litter must be placed in the bins provided. Students caught dropping litter will be put in detention and may be required to complete school community service as part of the sanction.


No student may leave the premises during school hours without permission from the Headteacher, a senior member of staff or a Head of Year. No students are permitted to exit through the Walter Terrace exit of the school.


Students and all adults are not permitted to smoke on or around the school premises. If a student is caught smoking, this will be dealt with in accordance to the school’s behaviour policy. This ruling also applies to shisha and vape pens.


No student may have a knife or offensive weapon in their possession. Nor may students possess or wear objects or materials likely to damage persons or property. Possession of any bladed item on school premises will not be tolerated. A student found to be in possession of such an item is likely to be arrested by the police and permanently excluded from this school.


Students who bring bicycles to school must provide and use safety locks. Bicycles may not be ridden on the school premises.


Students should not chew gum on school premises or at any time during school hours. If found to be chewing students will be placed in the SLT detention.


Students are not permitted to wear any jewellery other than a watch. This includes all earrings/studs.


Only staff are allowed to use the school lift. On rare occasions a student may be authorised to use the lift for medical reasons. If this is the case the student will bring in a note from home/doctor and a lift pass will be issued via a Head of Year.


Homework should be completed and handed in on time.


These may not be used in school. They will be confiscated and kept securely for collection by parents or guardians. The school will not be responsible for investigating the theft of mobile phones, or other valuable items, that should not have been brought into school.


Students are not allowed to consume energy drinks on the school premises.