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Head of Department: Mr Ciaran Cusack

Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9)

   Year 7:

  1. Map Skills
  2. Settlements & Fieldwork
  3. Weather and ClimateYear 8:
  1. Ecosystems and Biomes
  2. Economy and Industry
  3. China – The emerging SuperpowerYear 9:
  1. Rivers and Coasts
  2. Energy and Climate Change
  3. GCSE Topic 1 – Development Dynamics

Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11)

Year 10:

Hazardous Earth, Climatology, Development Dynamics, Challenges of an Urbanising World, UKs Evolving Physical Landscape

Year 11:

UKs Evolving Human Landscape, Geographical Investigations, People and the Biosphere, Forests Under Threat, Consuming Energy Resources

Key Stage 5 (Year 12-13)

Year 12:

Topic 1: World at Risk – Tectonic Hazards and Management

Topic 2: Going Global – Globalisation and International Economy

Topic 3: Crowded Coasts – how increasing development is testing our ability to manage these valued environments

Topic 4: Regenerating Places – focuses on how we need to re-image and regenerate rural and urban places, using appropriate strategies.

Year 13:

Topic 5: The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity

Topic 6: The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security

Topic 7: Superpowers

Topic 8: Health, Human Rights and Intervention

Independent Learning Resources

Key Stage 3

There are videos and assessments that students can test themselves on and get a grade.

  • BBC Bitesize provides a range of revision and inquiry materials for
  • Y7, Coasts, Rivers Geology, Settlement and Places
  • Y8 Ecosystems, Development, Population,
  • Y9 Natural Hazards and Weather and Climate, Crime
  • Geographical Magazine
  • National Geographic Magazine

Key Stage 4

Pearson Edexcel B

  • New Grade 9-1 GCSE Geography Edexcel B: Investigating Geographical Issues – Revision Guide
  • New Grade 9-1 GCSE Geography Edexcel B: Investigating Geographical Issues – Exam Practice Workbook
  • GCSE Geography Edexcel B Student Book by Oxford Uni Press
  • Revision material and multiple choice tests with marks given for all GCSE topics.
  • Revision material, videos and mock assessments for all GCSE topics.

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