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Aim: to ensure you and all others learn and achieve to the best of your and each other person’s ability

Principle: show respect for all members of the school and behave responsibly at all times

Beginning the lesson:

  1. Enter the room sensibly and punctually
  2. Sit in your place quietly
  3. Get your books, planner and writing equipment ready
  4. Organise your coat and bag so they are out of the way
  5. Listen to your teacher

During the lesson:

  1. Write the title, date and “classwork” neatly
  2. Follow your teachers’ instructions
  3. Contribute constructively to class discussions
  4. Work quietly as instructed

Towards the end of the lesson:

  1. Be prepared for a plenary session, which includes further teaching
  2. Check that homework is written in your planner/diary
  3. Listen for instructions about packing away
  4. Leave the table and chair tidy and clean
  5. Leave the room quietly only when the teacher tells you to

Outside the lesson:

  1. Move around the school sensibly and calmly, and going straight to your next classroom or outside or to lunch walking on the right hand side
  2. Line up quietly as required
  3. Remember eating is only allowed in the dining rooms and playgrounds

The classroom code was agreed by staff and students.

NB. Amendments within this structure are outlined in Art, Technology, PE,

Music and Drama departments to allow for relevant subject needs.