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The GCSE Year 10 Drama Students attended a Careers in Theatre at the Half Moon Theatre. We are  very fortunate to  be able to offer this opportunity to all of our Drama students each year.

This a hands-on, project management style experience of all aspects of professional theatre at key stage 4 is a multi-disciplinary introduction to theatre making. The Year 10 Drama students worked as a theatre company for the day  working together as lighting and sound designers, stage managers, PR and Marketing, set designers and performers  to create a piece of theatre based on a text stimulus.

 Abdal Ali said ‘ I learnt a new skill – painting’  (set design)

Prima said ‘I now want to be a stage manager and I feel very proud that I spoke  in front of everyone in the production meeting’ 

Jorna said ‘I enjoyed working with another school and it was fun devising and working together in a creative collaboration’ 

Watch the video of their work

 Marketing video